What is Triad Indoor Rowing?

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Triad Indoor Rowing (TIR) is an amazing community of individuals who enjoy reaping the benefits of indoor rowing.  They also enjoy tracking their performance and most importantly, being part of a community of like-minded individuals interested in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Triad Indoor Rowings core service is providing group fitness classes, performed on Concept2 Indoor Rowers, also known as Ergs.  Each class is led by an Instructor and each workout is creatively programmed so that everyone, including all ages and fitness levels, enjoys an amazing workout.

The rowing stroke is a full-body exercise, utilizing 86% of your musculature.  This makes it an extremely efficient means of burning calories so that you can achieve and maintain a healthy bodyweight.  It's also an exercise that ANYONE can perform.  Many Rowers begin or continue to row after major surgeries, heart attacks, strokes, or other traumatic life events.  In addition, since you are working out while sitting down, rowing is low-impact, allowing people who have a history of knee, hip, back and many other problems to row pain-free.

Triad Indoor Rowing is designed for individuals and groups who enjoy indoor rowing, tracking their performance and most importantly, being part of a community of like-minded individuals.  Our training methodology is anchored by our three core training values:  

1) Variety  
2) Consistency  
3) Intensity  

Variety in training is the key to long-term adherence to daily exercise.  With that out of the way, let it be known that we program rowing-only workouts.  No push-ups, squats, or weights...just rowing.  The bottom line is that there are plenty of individuals who cannot squat, push-up or perform certain lifts safely.  Not because they are untrained but because they are physically or neurologically limited beyond their control to safely perform ______.  The Erg comes to the rescue for most of these individuals, allowing them to push themselves just as hard and safely as the most capable athlete.  Luckily, we can still vary rowing workouts endlessly to create a program that is both exciting and physically demanding for all fitness levels.  Triad Indoor Rowing repeats most workouts 2-3 times a year.  This means we program more than 100 different workouts every year!  This prevents us from becoming bored with the same routine but yet still able to retest to see performance improvement.  

Consistency in training is the key to long-term health and safety.  Simply put, if you're not consistently active, you will be unhealthy and at the very least, prone to injury.  Triad Indoor Rowing programs a different workout everyday.  Members post results everyday.  Personal bests are achieved everyday.  Be as consistent as your body allows.  Even the most well-trained Rowers need a rest day.  Know that not all workouts are created equal meaning some are more difficult than others and therefore require more recovery time.  Just begin with your first workout.  Then be confident that you are the best judge of your state of readiness for exercise.  We post a workout everyday but Sunday, which means there are no rest days programmed for you.  Be smart with your frequency of training and you will be rewarded handsomely.    

Intensity in training is the key to improving your current level of fitness and becoming the best Rower you can be.  Without intensity, your results will quickly plateau.  Short, long, slow, fast, 2k, 1 hour,etc...all energy systems are invited to this party!  Don't worry, not all workouts are strictly programmed, leaving plenty room for your own creative input.  As always, it's just you against you!

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