Class Schedule

You may not sign up or remove your sign up from a class after 30 minutes prior to class start time for most classes.  This is to allow the Instructor a short period of time for planning.
For the 5:30 am classes, you may not sign up or remove yourself from the class 9 hours prior to the class start time.    
If you have any concerns, contact Jess at 336-686-6605.

Tuesday, Jul 23,2019

4:30pmGroup Row: Mary D
5:45pmGroup Row: Rowing+Jess
7:00pmGroup Row: Becca

Wednesday, Jul 24,2019

5:30amGroup Row: Janice
4:30pmGroup Row: Mary D
6:00pmGroup Row: Jess
7:30pmGroup Row: Robyn

Thursday, Jul 25,2019

12:00pmGroup Row: Pinky
4:30pmGroup Row: Mary D
7:00pmGroup Row: Becca

Friday, Jul 26,2019

5:30amGroup Row: Robyn
4:30pmGroup Row: Janice
6:00pmGroup Row: Pinky

Saturday, Jul 27,2019

8:00amOpen row!!Janice

Monday, Jul 29,2019

5:30amGroup Row:
4:30pmGroup Row:
6:00pmGroup Row:
7:30pmGroup Row:

Tuesday, Jul 30,2019

12:00pmGroup Row:
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