How to Enter Results

Seeing improvement in your ability to row can be very motivating! Please use our gym management software to track your performances over time. Below is an explanation of how to do so yourself. Feel free to ask other Rowers or the Instructor for help your first few times entering your result!

You may enter your results from either the in-gym computer, your personal smartphone or personal computer at home. Below are walk-throughs of how to enter your score from:

A) Pesonal smartphone
B) In-gym computer

A) Personal Smartphone
Once logged in, from the Daily Workout page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Next, perform the following:

1) If it isn't already selected, select your name from the '''Rower''' drop-down menu.
2) The '''Class''' drop-down menu will automatically populate with the class you are signed up for.
3) Enter your ''Result'' and be sure to check the ''Rx'' checkbox. If you do not do so, your result will not be entered correctly.

B) In-Gym Computer
Rowers may enter their results individually or as a group, using the same process. Just follow the steps below:

1) From the Front Desk page, select the name of the daily workout, in this case, ''Rate Ramping 2.0''. If you have completed anything other than the Daily Workout or are at Open Gym, select ''Other...''

2) All Rowers who are currently signed up for class will be displayed automatically in the ''Rower'' drop-down menu. If your name is not shown, select your name from the drop-down and select the class you attended from the ''Class'' drop-down menu.

3) Enter your result, select the ''Rx'' check box and add any relevant comments. Make note that, if you have completed the workout before, your previous PR(Personal Record) is displayed to the far right.

4) Select ''Post Multiple Results''.

Feel free to play around with the website to see what other features and forms of motivation you can find!
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